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MIDI to Voltage Interface

For the implementation of my MIDI to Voltage Converter I decide me for a Arduino Board and a 12Bit Digital Analog Converter. In this case I use an Arduino Mega 2560 and a MAX525 DAC.
The DAC is controlled via SPI. Beside the DAC there are a Voltage Reference (LT1236), several OP Amp Buffer (LF356 for the Reference and the voltage output) ,a 74HC14 Schmitt Trigger inverter (for a clean triggering of the SPI bus) and a LM7805 linear voltage regulator for the Digital parts and the MIDI board.
The output ranges is 0 to 2V.

SPI to Voltage_web
Breadboard with one output channel.


MIDI Anschluss_web
MIDI Board.


MIDI Board and Arduino Mega 2560.


Spi to Voltage.pdf

MIDI Board.pdf

Module Connection.pdf

Here a first test.

The detune in the low octave is the result of the 12Bit DAC.


Update 15-11-2013:

Project documentation:




MAX 525

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