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OP Amp 0.1 -10Hz Noise Measurement.

Here i will show my version of thei Linear Technologies 0.1-10Hz Test circuit which they publish in several Datasheets.
It is a Gain of 5 non inverting amplifier. The OP Amp is  an LT1001.
Here is the schematic.

0.1-10Hz gain of 5 Schematic

For low Noise and to avoid other mains interferences, it’s recomendet to Power the Amplifier wirh Batteries. Therefore I use two 9 Volt blocks.
I build the circuit on flying on a single side copper board which i use as a ground plane.

Here some pictures from the bench.
in the box_web


Some measurements:

GND Noise_web
Filter Circuit grounded.


OP07 Noise_web
OP07 noise 0.1-10Hz  100nV/DIV



LF356 Noise_web
LF356 0.1-10Hz 100nV/DIV

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