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  • Polyphonic Synthesizer Project (PSP)

    This is the start of my series about building a polyphonic Synthesizer. I am working mostly reading or thinking on this project since several years.
    The final instrument should have the following specs:
    8 voice polyphonic
    2 VCOs, 1 Multimode Filter, 5 EG, 5 LFO per Voice

    For all voices (Master section)
    2 LFO, 2 EG, 1 RM , 1 Fixed Filter bank

    I start with building a MIDI only instrument.

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  • Digital to analog board

    The digital to analog board is connected to the “Brain” via SPI. In the High End Version it is made with an LTC2756 18bit multiplying DAC.

    I need the high resolution because i use linear VCOs.

    It is only for generating the control voltages for the VCO no LFO or EG.

    HighEndDac Breadboard
    First built on Breadboard


    DAC board v1-0
    Final version on stripboard

    HighEnd DAC Schematic


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  • VCA board

    The next step ist building the Voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). For this i use the well known LM13700.
    For my Polyphonic Synth Project (PSP) I need a fully voltage controlled module with 3 inputs.

    Here a first impression(board not fully populated)


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