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  • Midi- Keyboard Controller

    The “Brain” is a Atmel ATMega32 microcontroller.

    Controller step1
    ATMega32 based “Brain”

    Lower board with voltage regulator µC and later the MIDI connector.


    Controller step2
    second floor for the display

    The upper board is for the display and some switches.


    Controller board with display

    First test.


    Short introduction of the Midi- Keyboard Controller

    Here the 2. part of the MIDI- keyboardcontroller which shows the whole Setup on the workbench.

    Here is the 3. part where i try to explain how to create the control voltages in a polyphonic Synthesizer.

    Here is the 4. part of the series. I show a very simple implementation of a polyphonic synthesizer.








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  • Power supply

    In the past i have worked with an old “wall wart” power supply which was not floating. This caused a lot of humming and grounding issues.

    So i bought 2 power supply kits and a large toroid transformer at my local electronic shop.

    Single supply board
    Single supply board


    Prototype power supply
    Prototype power supply

    I mounted all the stuff on a wooden board knowing that this is not the right way! It is just for development. Now i have ±15V with a current limit at 1A fully floating.


    power distributor
    Simple power distributor

    I am using PSK contacts for the whole synthesizer project.


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  • Polyphonic Synthesizer Project (PSP)

    This is the start of my series about building a polyphonic Synthesizer. I am working mostly reading or thinking on this project since several years.
    The final instrument should have the following specs:
    8 voice polyphonic
    2 VCOs, 1 Multimode Filter, 5 EG, 5 LFO per Voice

    For all voices (Master section)
    2 LFO, 2 EG, 1 RM , 1 Fixed Filter bank

    I start with building a MIDI only instrument.

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