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  • LT1027 based 5V Voltage Reference

    For comparing my Voltmeters and because of deep interest I build a LT1027 based 5V Reference Voltage Source.

    LT1027 Schematic

    I build it Bird Nest style ( hope this is the right expression) on a single side Copper Board.

    The low noise Voltage regulator (LT1763) is mounted on a daughter board.

    LT1763 Board_web
    Daughter board with Voltage Regulator.


    Ref in Geh_web
    First test if it fits in the housing.


    Final build but some decoupling capacitors and the input protection diodes still missing.

    Ref 1027 Final_web
    Final Build

    The finished Refernze in Housing.

    Referenz Zu_web
    Reference in Housing-

    First measurements with my 4,5 digit handheld multimeter shows 4.997V

    After 30 days of continous running the measurement with a new calibrated 6,5 digit voltmeter shows between 5,00096 and 5,00097V.

    The oszilloscope pictures shows the difference between batterie and power supply operation.
    No Filter!

    All measurements are done with a 1:1 probe with the following settings:
    1mV/Div und 2mS/DIV


    GND Taste
    GND Button pushed.


    LT1027 15V NT
    Reference operated with a linear LM7815 based power supply. Not floating!!


    LT 1027 2 x 9V Block
    Reference powered with  9V Block batteries.

    I have build a 15V power supply with an electronic ripple rejection(it is from an German Electronic Forum) followed by an LM7815.

    Now floating!!

    The result is a line similar to the picture with the batterie operation. No ripple. The line is twice as thick ( hope this is the right expression)

    Oscilloscope picture follows…

    Rippel rejection   German article in ELKO Forum
    LT1027 Kondensator Noise Reduktion  German thread in Mikrocontroller Forum

    Thanks to all supporting thread members.

    UPDATE 09.02.2014

    I put the whole circuit into styrofoam insulated Box and put a PTC-heater foil under the Metal case.


    The Pack.



    This is the PTC-heater Foil,  12Volt 3Watts. The heater is only controled with it built in PTC. I used a 12 V Switching Power supply for the heater and a linera voltage source for my reference.


    Here some measurements at different temperatures:

    Voltage Temperaturet

    My thermometer is not calibrated it started at 9° Celsius which is equal to the ambient temperature of 15°Celsius. Hope to get a better one the next days…

    Will be continued…




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